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About Us

How It Started

As keen archers ourselves we wanted to buy Zombie 3D Archery Targets for our local Club Halloween Shoot. Sadly, there wasn’t much of a choice online so we decided to make our first Zombie Target. After many trials and lessons of fibreglass mould making! we came up with our range of Horror themed 3D Targets. Check out our range of Werewolf, Vampire & Zombie 3D Targets. Add some Horror to your Archery club shoots!

The Targets

We manufacture all of our targets In-house and create our own target designs. This gives us a totally bespoke product, not sold by anyone else

The foam we use is a polyurethane self skinning mix, a ‘self sealing’ foam that partially seals itself once an arrow is pulled out of the target. It’s stood up incredibly well under testing – even when shot with a Ghost 410 Crossbow (firing bolts at 410fps). We can proudly say that our targets are both sturdy and durable!